Creamy, smooth and absolutely delicious! A traditional Taramasalata recipe (or Taramosalata) made from fish roe, olive oil, lemon juice, grated onions and bread. Simply delicious! Usually served as part of a meze platter with lots of pita breads or bread, taramasalata is a very popular Greek dip throughout the year, but especially on Shrove Monday, the first day of the Easter lent.

Taramasalata – Homemade vs. Store-bought?

This intense flavored homemade taramasalata recipe can’t compare with the store-bought. Mass-produced taramasalata is more often than not of poor quality and has a very bright pink hue due to the addition of food coloring along with lots of unnecessary thickeners. Fresh taramasalata is really easy to make at home, as the tarama and bread mixture is emulsified with olive oil, giving it a natural thickness, smoothness and exquisite taste. Depending on the type of roe used in each taramasalata recipe, its colour can vary from light beige to pale pink. So if you find yourself dipping your fluffy pita bread into a bright pink taramasalata dip, be sure that it has been saturated with food coloring.

So spare yourself from all the unnecessary conservatives, thickeners and food colouring! Give this traditional taramasalata recipe a try and enjoy your own fresh homemade taramasalata in less than 15 minutes.


 100g white tarama (fish roe) (3.5 oz.)

300g white stale bread (crust removed), soaked in water and squeezed (10 oz.)

  170-180 ml olive oil (3/4 of a cup)

   juice 2 lemons

   1 medium red onion, grated


 1-To prepare this delicious taramasalata recipe, start by soaking the bread (crust removed) in water and squeeze well to remove the excess water.

    2-In a food processor add the bread, grated onion and the tarama. Blend until the ingredients are mashed (like a pulp). Add half lemon juice and blend a little more. Pour in the olive oil gradually (just a little bit at a time) whilst blending, like making mayonnaise. Blend until the oil is incorporated and the mixture is smooth and creamy. Taste the taramasalata add some more lemon juice, according to preference and blend again.

    3-Serve this traditional Greek taramasalata dip with lots of pita breads aside. (If you feel adventurous enough make your own homemade pita breads with this easy recipe!).

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