Cardiologist Promotes High-Fat Diet with Olive for Heart Patients

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If you were told to eat butter, coconut oil and olive oil every day as part of your heart-healthy diet, what would you think? Like most, you’d probably think it’s a crazy suggestion. After all, we’ve been indoctrinated for years on end that we should avoid fat for a healthy heart. However, according to cardiologist [...]

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Better for Frying Fish

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Frying is a simple cooking method used in home and restaurant meal preparation worldwide. There are two types of frying, shallow frying and deep frying. Deep frying results in complete food immersion in fat. While shallow frying is a partial immersion of foods in a selected fat. Shallow frying is generally seen as the healthier [...]

Cardiometabolic Benefits of Mediterranean Diet with Olive Oil in Type 2 Diabetics

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Body weight, cholesterol, blood pressure (BP), glucose/insulin status and function, oxidative stress and inflammation are all cardiometabolic risk factors that can be influenced by an individual’s choice of dietary pattern. The Mediterranean diet(MedDiet) is considered one of the healthiest dietary patterns and is characterized by high consumption of vegetables, fruit, olive oil, nuts, seeds, fish and [...]