Med Diet With Extra Virgin Olive Oil Reduces Incidence of Invasive Breast Cancer

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For women, breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed malignant tumor and is the leading cause of death among women. Since 2008, breast cancer incidence worldwide has increased by more than 20 percent and mortality from breast cancer has increased by 14 percent. Historically breast cancer rates have been lower in Northern or Central European [...]

Social Status, Fashion Drive Consumer Food Choices

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It is argued that individuals define their utility by showcasing their wealth to others, and one way is by the conspicuous consumption of “fashionable food.” The two main motivations for conspicuous consumption are ‘invidious comparison’ and ‘pecuniary emulation.’ Invidious comparison refers to higher-class individuals seeking to differentiate themselves from lower-class individuals; and pecuniary emulation refers [...]

Olecanthal, a Polyphenol in Olive Oil, Postively Impacts Human Melanoma Cells

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One of the most aggressive, chemoresistant forms of cancer is malignant cutaneous melanoma. There are some treatment options available including injection of inflammatory molecules, along with oral and topical agents, which is where extra virgin olive oil polyphenols may play a key role. Oleocanthal, one of the most recognized polyphenolic compounds in extra virgin olive oil, was discovered [...]