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You don’t have to cook complicated dishes for the ultimate self-indulgence.
Just good food from fresh ingredients and for sure
GREEK INDEED Extra Virgin Olive Oil for excellent results….

Traditional Greek bean soup recipe (Fasolada)

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I can’t imagine of anything better than a rustic and homely Greek bean soup (fasolada) for a cold winter’s day. Healthy, simple and extra comforting, fasolada is with no doubt the national Greek dish! This [...]

1 minute Recipes to DISCOVER the Greek Mediterranean Diet

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Enjoy 12 simple recipes: Olive pate Place in a bowl 250 g of black olives without the stone, 80 g of anchovies washed and thinly cut, 50 g of caper and mush all together. You [...]

Traditional Greek Moussaka recipe (Moussaka with Béchamel)

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Greek Moussaka recipe – A delicious taste of Greece This dish is a legend! Creamy, juicy and absolutely delicious.. Greek moussaka (mousaka) is one of the most popular dishes in Greece, served in almost every [...]