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Premium Greek Indeed and Everyday Greek Indeed are extra virgin olive oils crafted in Lakonia, Greece. Olive trees have been cultivated in this region since 1500 BC. Laconia’s climate, soil composition and the Aegean Sea’s breeze, all contribute to the production of premium olive oil with unique features.

Our extra virgin olive oil is 100% Koroneiki Variety, known for its gold green colour, its fruity and peppery flavour and its delicate aromas. Both Premium Greek Indeed and Everyday Greek Indeed come from hand-picked olives, harvested at the right time and processed immediately to extract the first pressing olive oil.

The methods used to harvest and process the olives affect the quality and the nutritional value of the olive oil. Unrefined and cold-pressed, Premium Greek Indeed and Everyday Greek Indeed are classified as extra virgin olive oils meaning that no chemicals or heat are used to extract oil from the fruit.

The result is extra virgin olive oil distinguished by its very low acidity level (under 1%) and its exceptional robust taste, its vivid shining colour and the fruity aromas. Moreover, as it is not treated with chemicals or high temperature, it retains its antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Koroneiki Variety
Greece’s own Koroneiki is so prized for its exceptional taste, that Greek oils have long been a favorite among large Spanish and Italian producers for adding flavor to inferior blends.

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